Western Australian architect biographies


This community-service project is one that John Taylor commenced in early 2009. The biographies are intended to be short, non-judgemental, factual records, that may in some instances stimulate more detailed research into a subject.


The rationale for the biographies includes to:

1.   Increase community recognition of the value of the profession, and of the cultural heritage value of the work

2.   Provide carefully researched biographical information to the public

3.   Assist architects and others with documentary evidence of previous practitioners


The criteria for entries includes that:

1.   Subject architect is deceased

2.   Architect lived and practiced in Western Australia

3.  Documentary material is to include: where and when born, raised, trained, practiced (list of major works), died, and  references


The biographies have been prepared from information and data gathered by Dr John J. Taylor. The purpose of the documents is simply to provide information to the community. No person or organisation should use or rely upon the documents for detailed advice, or as the basis for formulating decisions, without considering, and if necessary obtaining, appropriate professional advice from other sources. Work is ongoing, and further biographies will be posted as they are developed.